Associate Professor Vincent Pettigrove

Freshwater Program

PhD (Aquatic Ecotoxicology)

A/Prof. Pettigrove is the Chief Executive Officer of the CAPIM and Principal Research Fellow at The University of Melbourne, Australia. He has been a Principal Ecologist at Melbourne Water with over 30 years experience in the Victorian water industry and aquatic research. In addition he is an adjunct Associate Professor at Victoria University and Senior Associate at RMIT University. He has designed and conducted a broad range of research and monitoring programs that help catchment management agencies understand what are the priority issues impacting the health of aquatic ecosystems. Research areas include freshwater sediment toxicity, exotic fish management, pesticide pollution, endocrine disrupting chemicals, macroinvertebrates, and the use of fish and other biota as indicators of sediment pollution.  A/Prof. Pettigrove has produced over 45 published journal articles and peer reviewed conference papers.



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